The Derwent Watershed (Day 1)

Date: 12/06/10

Distance: 16 Miles

Acsent: 2600 feet

With exams over (the day before) we headed to into the Peak District for a two day circuit of the Derwent Watershed. Setting off from Edale late in the morning we made quick progress through the haze up onto Kinder following the Pennine Way. Stopping at Kinder Low for a bite to eat the weather was both dull and cold, feeling more like March than June, so a typical British summer.

Into the gloom and murk

We then headed, continuing along the Pennine Way, past Kinder Downfall and over Featherbed Moss down to the Snake Pass.I mentioned in my last report about the lack of water we’d been receiving and even with the unseasonal quantities over the previous days there is still a shocking shortage up there. Kinder Reservoir is terribly low, with the black peat of the bottom of the lake completely exposed for quite an area on its eastern shore.

Featherbed Moss

After a brief break, we then continued up to Bleaklow Head, following the path in pleasant and warm conditions. Upon arriving at the ‘summit’ of Bleaklow, we sat around enjoying the views and relaxing, so much so that the two of us nearly went to sleep! The hardest section of the day still lay ahead, the crossing of Bleaklow to our camp spot in Lower Small Clough.

Looking over Kinder in the distance

Towards Bleaklow Head

Following the path across Bleaklow a five minute lapse in concentration sent us off following a sheep path and several hundred meters off route. Our mental tiredness was beginning to show (not helped by minimal sleep due a gig the night before) and we had to force ourselves to concentrate for the last few miles whilst we walked some of the bleakest, and in my eyes, most beautiful areas of moorland in this part of the country.

The expanse of the Howden Moors from the Bleaklow Stones.

A rather large suprise to come up against at the end of a long day.

We reached our pitch for the night knackered from our day’s travels, so after a large evening meal we turned in for the night at 7:30 to the sound of birds and running water.

  1. It is a route I have yet to do in one trip. Done it in sections on other walks. Good report and look forward to the next bit.

    • It really is a great two dayer (or one day if your feeling nuts). I found the ‘pavement’ on the second day got a bit much, even though know it is there for a reason.

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