7/12ths Cairngorm

Getting up to the Cairngorms is no mean feat in a minibus that is helpfully limited to 62mph. Luckily I managed to convince a bunch of the Imperial lot to pick me up from Derby as opposed to making me get myself down to London. This saved 3 hours off the journey up there. In the end we arrived at a reasonable time having had a startlingly good run up.

Upon arrival the sensible thing would have been to relax and get an early night in. We didn’t. Instead we set about creating a giant cake we dubbed ‘the beast’, made of cereals, marshmallows, flapjacks, brownies and biscuits; all of which was held together by 12kg of chocolate. Our ‘healthy’ snack for the week complete we finally retired for the night after the second bus arrived. Outside the snow was already falling.

Date: 03/04/12

Distance: 8.4 miles

Ascent: 1770 feet

As we got up the sun was shining and the ground was carpeted in snow. So we quickly got ready and were soon on our way. The going was slow as we trekked past Glenmore Lodge. Walking in a large group of a dozen or so people is always thus, especially as several of the club are more inclined to the ambling side of walking, but today the snow was slowing people down even more.

We eventually emerged out of the forest and immediately headed straight up the flank of Creag nan Gall. The wind had picked up and it was now very cold, even whilst walking. The views all around were simply stunning. It was fantastic to be out.

In the distance we could see large showers moving in from the east. Nobody stopped for long on the summit, the wind was far too bitter, and we were soon ploughing along with the intention of following the ridge up onto Cairngorm.

However soon enough we got caught in one of the showers we’d seen approaching and in the ensuing white out a lot people let it be known that they really wanted to head back down. Soon we were out of the cloud and down the flank of the mountain and the shower passed, giving lovely weather once more. I was a little fed up having suspected this would happen as we quietly plodded round the base of Cairngorm for a while before making the way back to Glenmore.

That evening over a few beers seven of us hatched a plan. It involved a bothy, and a nice long walk…


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